Successful organisations are learning organisations. Being agile and responsive to our rapidly changing world largely depends on current and potential leaders’ motivation to continuously evaluate their impact.

‘We are facing unprecedented challenges – social, economic and environmental – driven by accelerating globalisation and a faster rate of technological developments. At the same time, those forces are providing us with myriad new opportunities for human advancement. The future is uncertain and we cannot predict it; but we need to be open and ready for it.

Education can equip learners with agency and a sense of purpose, and the competencies they need, to shape their own lives and contribute to the lives of others.’

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Education 2030: The Future of Education and Skills

Education Economy initiate’s organisational change by creating clarity of purpose that drives targeted social and educational impact. Influenced by social science, behavioural theory and educational change research, we co-design practical and measurable pathways intended to leverage resources and innovations that exist within an organisations ecosystem to transform it.