Sometimes our clients need to take a little time to understand what it is they want to achieve and why it is so important that they achieve it.

We encourage them to ask some of the following regularly…

• What drives you in your day to day work?
• Why should anyone care about the impact you can have?
• What is important to you and why?

Our clients start with clarifying the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ (Download Here). Clarification provides a clear lens for our clients to see what they want to work towards, providing a platform to initiate strategic improvement.

But every good plan needs to be supported by what the research says.

Research exists to inform our thinking, expand our horizon, challenge our assumptions and confirm our understandings. Our clients use quality research to inform their decision-making frameworks – creating connections between professional judgments, pedagogical approaches and best practice.

Our clients seek to be enlightened by what quality research might uncover and discover. Identification of relevant research is the next step after clarifying the purpose-driven need. And what follows is how we work with our clients to translate research into practice.

Hanging out for the next light bulb moment? It doesn’t always have to be a long line to the next great idea. Why not explore a variety of ideas simultaneously to see where your journey of idea creation takes you? And while you’re at it, why not engage with co-partners and see what the collective is capable of achieving. Go on, unleash the potential! We like to say innovation is the ‘sandpit of possibility’ and we work with our clients so they can implement innovative strategies that are supported by research but ignited by clarity of purpose.

Anyone who has ever tried to change behaviour or influence thinking in an organisation, knows that successful change is hard to accomplish even over long periods of time. So, imagine when our clients experience how together we achieve transformational and sustainable change.

Key to our approach is that we guide our clients to think about their problems differently. To imagine the possibilities that exist but require conscious emotional, behavioural and cognitive awareness to be fully realised. As collaborative partners, we acknowledge we have a shared purpose, a shared responsibility and share accountability to our commitments.

Why is the ‘Why’ so Important?

Purpose is why we do something right? Why do you go to work every day? Why do you feel so connected to something? And sometimes re-connecting with purpose is of critical importance.

We work with our clients to unpack the meaning behind the day to day work. To establish or re-establish positive relationships between the internal and external factors that surround an organisation for all the good, the bad and the ugly that comes its way.

For us to help our clients develop transference of purpose that aligns behaviours with beliefs and supports embedded and sustainable change across their organisation, we leverage what we call The Five Levers of Purpose (Download Here).