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The Coffee Conversation

Building from the ground up, we want to understand what matters most to you. Where you are investing your time, energy and money. We want to understand what intrinsically motivates you and we are curious about finding the intersect between your personal and professional aspirations.

We are a listening ear, a challenge partner and a resource to leverage.

We will co-design the following:

  1. What Is Your Purpose
  2. The Value of Values
  3. Exposing the Gap
  4. The Impact of Our Leadership
  5. What Does The Research Tell Us?


The Five Levers of Purpose (click here for download)

Purpose is why we do what we do. Why do you feel so connected to something?

Why is re-connecting with purpose of critical importance?

We believe in unpacking the meaning behind the day to day work. To establish or re-establish positive relationships between the internal and external factors that surround an organisation for all the good, the bad and the ugly that comes its way.

We will co-design the following:

  1. Establishing links with the community.
  2. Creating collaborative conditions for social and educational impact.
  3. Designing effective and sustainable leadership practices.
  4. Exploring data and quality research.
  5. Determining information of greatest importance.


The Strategic Optimist (click here for download)

Key to the Strategic Optimist approach is that it challenges individuals to think about their problems differently. To imagine the possibilities that exist but require conscious emotional, behavioural and cognitive awareness.

As collaborative partners, we acknowledge we have a shared purpose, a shared responsibility and share accountability to our commitment to actionable impact.

We will co-design the following:

  1. Are You In Or Out?
  2. Challenge – Positive, Negative, Intrigue
  3. Critical Asking
  4. Own Your Frustrations
  5. Value Proposition


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