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We have created a platform for schools who identify as schools informed by research to profile their school and share their evidence of progress and achievement – not limited to Literacy and Numeracy.

We highlight that evidence of best practice can be found all over and we need to capture not just what is working but importantly why it is working.

The Research Schools Project acts as an enabler for any school globally to have visibility on the following;
• What is working best?
• What is working where? and;
• Why is it working at all?

There is always going to be a focus on demonstrating how what we do will impact student learning and outcomes. Whilst this is incredibly important, we are primarily interested with what happens at the very beginning – well before the How.

What is the quality research that informs the thinking, implementation and evaluation of teaching and learning programs and practices – and why was that research relevant and credible in the first place?

Schools are continually becoming more refined in the ability to translate quality research into daily practice, so why not share the why, where and how we are doing it?

The Research Schools Project Aims

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What Is A Network Approach to Research?

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