Ben Sacco is a strategic thinker with a background in Education and Business Development. He is energetic, purpose-driven and focused on making a difference with the leaders of today and the potential for tomorrow.

For Ben, it all began in the classroom. Working with students who were high achieving to those who were challenged by the institutional structures they were expected to fit into. From the very start, Ben was about providing memorable teaching and learning experiences for children and young people with the belief that every student is at risk of disengagement the minute they walk through the school gates. For Ben, it was about mentoring students to see the possible within them. Building relationships that were meaningful and giving children and young people the chance to see that they could lead their life, make choices that progressed them and that they could learn through experience because every moment was a teachable moment.

Ben has successfully held positions of leadership across Government, Corporate and the Not-For-Profit sector in the Education Industry and is passionate about how clarity of purpose can be a catalyst for change to achieve social and educational impact.

Predominately working in an advisory and coaching capacity, Ben has supported countless leaders through personal and professional development and continues to challenge leaders and their teams to achieve authentic growth in their daily work and life.