In buildings and parks, there are paths that the designers have decided are the best way to move people around. But there are also other paths – the brown, well-trodden ones that people actually use.

They have a name; Desire Lines. They’re the way people want to go, not the way they have been told to follow.

The thing about the Desire Line is that it’s usually the fastest path between two points. Between the beach and the carpark, the swing and the slide, between judgement and understanding. People are very clever, they’re very good at finding the Desire Line when they want to.

But only when they want to.

Whichever path you choose – we support you. We may provide strategic insights that give you something to think about but we do not decide for you. Your path is unique to your desire.

We work with our clients – not for them.
We talk with our clients – not to them.

We have desires too. We want to see our clients design the achievable and reach the attainable.