What We Do

We clarify the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

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Clarification provides a clear lens for our clients to see what they want to work towards and why, providing a platform to initiate strategic improvement.


Seek to be enlightened by what research might uncover and discover. Identification of quality research is the next step after clarifying the
purpose-driven need.



Implement innovative strategies that are supported by quality research but ignited by clarity of purpose.



Develop transference of purpose that aligns behaviours with beliefs and supports embedded and sustainable change across your organisation.


How We Do It

A little bit more about us.


Malcolm ElliottPresident, Australian Primary Principals Association

It has been my great pleasure to get to know Ben Sacco over the last three and a half years. I have worked with him as he has engaged with Australia’s education provision from a number of directions including professional learning and the world of research and evidence. Ben has also worked very successfully in schools, system administration and the university sector – he is a person of great capability and a proven, high calibre record. Ben Sacco is also one of the most thoughtful, intelligent and ethical people I have met in education. I am in no doubt regarding his deeply held commitment to, and vision of, the improvement of outcomes for Australia’s children and the social development of our nation.

David TysonProfessional Learning Centre, Australian Education Union

Ben is someone that listens carefully first to gain deep understanding and then is able to analyse and synthesis various ideas and come up with achievable solutions. Ben draws on a wealth of knowledge and experience when designing programs that meet the needs of schools and he adds to the mix one important element - wisdom. Ben reflects deeply on issues that arise in school leadership and builds strong empathy and respect with those he works with to come up with co-constructed solutions that have impact.

Terese PhilipsManager, Education Services, Independent Schools Tasmania

When I met Ben over three years ago I was immediately impressed by his confidence and competence as an educational leader. Working with Ben to develop ‘best fit’ and research-informed projects for Independent schools in Tasmania, I found him to be diligent, focussed and highly motivated to achieve best outcomes. Ben is an effective, articulate communicator, honest and a pleasure to work with. His capacity to meet commitments, even when complex and difficult is impressive. Advice and decision making is consistently researched, evidence-based and supports social and educational change and growth for our schools.

Helyn StrokowskyPrincipal Consultant, Department of Education and Training, South Australia

Working with Ben to implement a teacher renewal professional learning program, I was consistently impressed with his ethical integrity and honesty. Ben demonstrated deeply embedded knowledge of pedagogical content across key learning areas inspiring teachers across all sectors to trust and believe in the possibility of change. Ben’s interpersonal skills and his emotional intelligence are exceedingly well developed making working with him a pleasure. He is results driven within a win/win context with no detriment to his relationship with his clients/peers.

Dean FinlayPrincipal, Ocean Road Primary School, Western Australia

I have always been impressed with Ben Sacco’s passionate enthusiasm for education and social justice. He operates with a high level of integrity, listens empathically and responds with credible solutions that are contextually appropriate.

Kevin FullbrookPrincipal, Middle School at Al-Bayan Bilingual School, Kuwait

Ben is a talented and committed educational professional who cares deeply about making a difference. He asks the bigger questions that get to the heart of what does and does not work in education today.

Mitchell OllingtonPrincipal Consultant [Partnerships, Schools and Preschools Division], Department of Education and Training, South Australia

Ben is a highly motivated and supportive person to work with. His drive for improvement in schools, leaders, teachers and students is matched by his knowledge which is embedded in best practices and supported by evidence. Ben has great leadership skills in leading educators through understanding change processes. Through working with Ben I gained a greater understanding of the specific knowledge that was required to get a shift in student learning, teachers understanding of improvement and leadership skills to lead change. I would highly recommend Ben to support improved student outcomes for learners.